07 October 2014

[FFXI] Dat Mining bla bla 7th October 2014

How u doing pudding

They readded a bunch of NPCs. this the only ones i dont recognize?

10 September 2014

[FFXI] Sept 9 2014 Version Update dat mine

Kuyin doesn't fight. Cid also uses a gun.

12 August 2014

[FFXI] 12 August 2014 Version Update Data Mine.

I dont really play anymore.. so I don't keep up as much.

heres what i found.

08 July 2014

[FFXI] 8th July Version Update data mine

Four things for you.
The rest you've seen before in some form.

17 June 2014

[FFXI] Dat Mining 17th Jun 2014 bla bla

Not a big update for graphic assets. 1 new shield. 4 new alter egos.